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Mr. Lodge GmbH and SCHUFA
I hereby authorize Mr. Lodge GmbH to collect SCHUFA information about potential tenants. Mr. Lodge GmbH has concluded herfore a contract with SCHUFA.
In return, I am obliged to report to Mr. Lodge GmbH for the purpose of forwarding the information to SCHUFA following from the information Mr.Lodge GmbH obtained from the mediated tenants:

  • outstanding claims against the tenant to an effective dismissal. § 543 paragraph 2, No. 3 BGB and § 569 paragraph 3 BGB or because of late payments according to § 573 paragraph 2, No. 1 BGB
  • the settlement or compensation from those legally enforceable claims against the tenant which were reported to SCHUFA.

Processing or use of the information I gave to Mr. Lodge GmbH for purposes other than the purposes expressly indicated is impossible. Mr. Lodge GmbH frees me from all claims that are made out of a non-specified purposes, the appropriate processing and use against me.

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